❄My Winter Night Routine || Blogmas #12❄

Welcome to Blogmas day 12!

Today I am posting day 12 and day 13 so that I'll be right on schedule again! Today I wanted to share my Winter Night Routine with you! It's not that special, but I still hope you enjoy this post :)

My Winter Night Routine

Can you see me in the reflection of the bauble? ^^

So this night I decided to take a bath because I had been feeling so stressed. I took this body scrub with me in the bath and scrubbed my legs.

When I came out of the bath I hydrated my legs and arms with this body butter, because hydrating is so important during the winter. 

After that, it's time to relax even more with this face mask. It is a very fresh cucumber peel-off face mask. So this stuff is pretty sticky and you do have to apply it pretty fast. But you also have to wait for about 10 minutes until you can peel it off. I love this mask and my face is still so soft (it's been a whole day). You can also put this on while you're in the bath, but I decided to do it afterwards since it was only about 8 o'clock. While I had it on I watched some Netflix. After I peeled it off, I rinsed my face with some warm water.

After this, all I pretty much do is watch TV with my family or watch Netflix. When it's finally time for bed I brush my teeth and clean my face with this cleansing gel. I really love cleansing gel because - unlike or product I have used in the past - it doesn't clog up your pores. It's really nice and refreshing and again hydrates my skin which is so important for me, because my skin is so sensitive and can be so dehydrated.

And this was my winter night routine. Like I said, not something very special or exciting, but I mean, it's a night routine. 

I hope you liked this post (:
Comment down below what you always do in your winter night routine❄
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☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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